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Transportation Management

Streamline your transportation operations with our Transportation Management System (TMS). Our solution automates your transportation processes, helping you cut costs, increase visibility, comply with regulations, and more.

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Industry Insights:

cost reduction through optimized route planning and load consolidation.
increase in on-time deliveries with real-time tracking and visibility features.
reduction in inventory holding costs through improved inventory management.
decrease in transportation-related errors with automated processes and enhanced visibility.
reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions by optimizing routes.

What are your transportation challenges?

Increasing Demand

The surge in eCommerce and consumer demands has made supply chains more intricate, needing larger fleets and diverse routing options.

Lack of Automation

Manual systems like paper, whiteboards, and spreadsheets are inefficient and prone to errors, leading to duplicated or lost data. Automating your systems is essential for perfecting procedures and ensuring accuracy.

Increasing Regulations

With a growing number of laws and regulations, supporting visibility and compliance can be challenging. TMS solutions provide the necessary tools to track and fulfill regulatory requirements effectively.

Short Delivery Windows

Consumer expectations for quick deliveries, influenced by major eCommerce retailers, demand tighter delivery time windows. Meeting these demands is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Transportation Management

Integrated Solutions

Our TMS seamlessly integrates with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Distributed Order Management (DOM), warehouse, and yard management systems.

Flexible Network Support

From the “first mile” to the “last mile,” our TMS supports single-stage and large multi-stage transport networks, providing comprehensive planning and execution capabilities.

Real-time Visibility

Gain full visibility into your shipments, allowing you to reduce costs, minimize environmental impact, accelerate deliveries, and improve overall efficiency.

Efficient Operations

Move towards a paperless environment and streamline processes with seamless integration into your ERP system.

Why Partner with iWMS for TMS Integrations?

At iWMS, we have experience in implementing TMS integrations with globally recognized carriers and providers. Our expertise includes rate shopping, service level optimization, and delivery routing algorithms to enhance customer experiences. We specialize in various integration methods, including Flat file, XML, JSON, REST API, and middleware solutions like MuleSoft and Boomi.

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Transportation Management

Enhance your logistics and warehouse operations with Körber’s TMS. Automate your entire transportation process for seamless end-to-end supply chain control. Reduce costs, comply with regulations, and achieve faster deliveries at better prices. Gain transparent visibility and real-time data to stay competitive.

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