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iWMS provides configurable and scalable warehouse management solutions to streamline your business.  We offer consultancy and Körber Supply Chain software to help solve complex challenges.

Why Choose iWMS?

When selecting a partner for your warehouse management needs, iWMS is the clear choice for businesses worldwide. Our reputation is built on a strong foundation of core principles that set us apart in the industry. Here’s an in-depth look at why iWMS is the first-choice trusted partner for businesses around the globe:

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    Global Expertise

    With experience spanning continents, iWMS understands the unique challenges and opportunities in different regions and industries, tailoring solutions to meet the businesses’ unique requirements.

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    Quality Assurance

    iWMS upholds an unwavering commitment to quality, implementing rigorous processes and testing to ensure solutions exceed industry standards.

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    24/7 Global Support

    Across time zones, iWMS provides round-the-clock support, ensuring assistance is readily available whenever and wherever needed.

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    Speed to Market

    iWMS excels in delivering solutions swiftly, allowing businesses to adapt to market changes and customer demands with minimal delays or downtime.

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    Diverse Solutions Library

    iWMS offers a versatile range of Körber Supply Chain solutions, adaptable to both local and global requirements, ensuring efficiency and consistency across diverse markets.

An iWMS Success Story

Hims & Hers: Rapid Warehouse Management System (WMS) Deployment in Less than 100 Days Amid a Global Pandemic.

Our global supply chain solutions will address any challenge and improve efficiencies.

Körber Supply Chain

Warehouse Management Software

  Warehouse Management Systems
  eCommerce/Omnichannel Solutions
  Business Intelligence
  Inventory Optimisation


Warehouse Design Software

  Facility Layout and Design
  Visualisation & Conceptual Design Modelling
  Warehouse Process Simulation and Testing
  Analysis and Performance Metrics


Distribution Network Strategy Software

  Distribution Networking strategy
  Facility Location and Optimisation
  Vehicle Network Optimisation
  True Cost of Procurement
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Complimentary Warehouse Performance Assessment

We will help you get up to date and set you on the right path


When it comes to your supply chain, expert advice matters. Our specialist supply chain consultants are here to provide you with the insights and solutions you need. Discover more about our diagnosis services to understand the health of your system.

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    Improve Performance

    Is your existing system operating at its full potential? We can help you unlock the full capabilities of your system by finding ways to enhance efficiency. Explore our performance-tuning services to make your system work better.

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    Rapid Deployment

    In the business world, speed is of the essence. We specialise in rapid system deployments, whether it’s implementing a new Körber solution, customising an existing one to fit your unique requirements, or optimising your current processes for better efficiency. Learn more about our rapid deployment services.

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    Test Systems

    Before going live with a new system or process, it’s crucial to ensure readiness and effectiveness. Our automated testing services provide accurate assessments, allowing you to identify and resolve any weaknesses proactively. Find out how we can help you test your systems effectively.

Some of our customers
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What our customers say worldwide
We needed a WMS solution that could scale with our global expansion. Körber Supply Chain and iWMS were the perfect partners, offering adaptable solutions and expertise at a competitive cost of ownership.
Alkane Patel - CIO
Bidco Africa Limited
To meet growing eCommerce demand, Woolworths needed a solution quickly. iWMS and Körber Retail Advantage enabled us to adapt and meet our customer promise, improving our eCommerce capabilities worldwide.
Jason October - Head of Online Operations & Fulfilment Optimisation
iWMS has consistently demonstrated its expertise, providing our team with the plan and confidence needed for this critical and complex transition to a new WMS.
Ron Perry - Snr Director of Global Logistics and DCs

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