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Automation and Robotics

Revolutionize your warehouse operations with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). As supply chain challenges evolve, robotics offer flexible automation solutions that can seamlessly adapt to various warehouse layouts and sizes, enhancing operational efficiency.

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iWMS Expertise in Robotics and Automation

At iWMS, we specialize in collaborating on numerous AMR/AGV robots for critical functions such as picking and putaway within distribution centers. Our expertise shines in seamlessly integrating these robotic solutions using a variety of protocols, including Flat file, TCP/IP, XML, and REST API JSON. This integration enhances operational efficiency and productivity within your warehouse, ensuring seamless automation tailored to your specific needs.

Pick-to-light solutions visually guide pickers to select the correct product via lights on the shelf, optimizing picking efficiency and accuracy. Both Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light solutions improve inventory accuracy and fulfillment efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Conveyors facilitate the movement of goods inside your distribution center, reducing the need for manual handling and associated fatigue. Whether it’s a multilevel or large footprint layout, conveyors ensure safe and efficient goods movement. Smart conveyor systems with label applicator arms automate label application and box taping, while smart sortation cameras or bar coders route boxes to the correct dock doors for shipping.

WMS Industry Insights

of warehouses globally are using the power of automation and robotics.
of SKUs can be handled robotically.
of supply chain professionals believe human errors are the main reason for inventory fulfilment issues.

What are your automation challenges?

Modern businesses face numerous operational hurdles, from labor shortages to unpredictable workloads and the need for continuous adaptation. Traditional automation solutions can be costly, inflexible, and challenging to scale. Gain access to supply chain data and insights crucial for driving efficiencies.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Discover the transformative power of automation and robotics. We offer affordable, flexible automation that seamlessly integrates into existing systems, boosting efficiency, scalability, and productivity.

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