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Labor Management

Labor constitutes the primary cost in warehouse and distribution operations, prompting many supply chain businesses to leverage labor management software. This software enables them to track, measure, report, and plan labor activities, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

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Industry Insights:

of total distribution expenses are often attributed to labor costs.
of businesses struggle to accurately measure workforce performance.
of productivity is lost due to labor absenteeism.
is the typical employee turnover rate in the supply chain industry.

What are your labor challenges?

Labor Costs

Balancing workforce size and performance efficiency is crucial for cost management. Technology solutions provide visibility and control over operating costs.

Measuring Associate Performance

Assessing efficiency involves complex calculations, often leading to time-consuming processes with gaps in visibility and accuracy.

Workforce Productivity

Absenteeism, seasonal fluctuations, and employee dissatisfaction hinder warehouse productivity. Engaging employees significantly affects efficiency.

Employee Turnover

High turnover disrupts operations and diminishes productivity due to demanding work conditions, low wages, limited growth prospects, and ineffective management practices.

Why Choose Körber Labor Management Solution?

Enhancing Labor Engagement, Safety, and Efficiency

Explore how technology addresses contemporary workforce challenges in the supply chain.

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