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Retail and eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions

Welcome to a new era of commerce, where seamless customer experiences redefine the retail shopping journey.

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Industry Insights: The eCommerce Revolution

When it comes to commerce, rapid change is the only constant. To stay relevant, retailers must implement solutions that bring the benefits of warehouse fulfillment to in-store operations and deliver frictionless consumer experiences. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leaders like Körber to offer innovative retail solutions designed to elevate both your eCommerce and in-store fulfillment operations, exceeding consumer expectations.

of global retail sales are attributed to eCommerce sales.
of global shoppers prefer to shop online.
of online shoppers will switch retailers if their purchasing experience is not seamless.

What are your Retail Challenges?

High Consumer Expectations

Today’s consumers demand seamless experiences across all retail touchpoints.

Need for More Fulfillment Options

eCommerce fulfillment has evolved, and consumers now expect retailers to facilitate seamless buy, fulfill, track, and return purchasing experiences.

Poor Visibility

Without visibility, consumer satisfaction and operational efficiency suffer, leading to frustration and delays in the fulfillment process.

Integration Complexities

An effective integration strategy is vital. Your eCommerce platform must serve as a seamless bridge across your tech stack, ensuring reliable data exchange for robust integrations.

Don’t worry, we’ve got solutions for that!

Leading retailers worldwide have implemented Körber’s solutions to enhance their in-store and eCommerce fulfillment. Our robust WMS, used in complex warehouses, can now be seamlessly adapted and applied to retail environments too, bringing the same efficiency to your online and in-store operations.

Benefits of Retail & eCommerce Solutions

Warehouse Capabilities In-Store

Brings all your advanced warehouse functionality and efficiency to in-store fulfillment.

Faster Time to Value

Quick deployment for immediate in-store fulfillment improvements.

Exceptional Consumer Experiences

Customise the solution to deliver seamless, personalized consumer interactions.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Cut costs by optimizing in-store fulfillment and processes.

Improved Inventory Visibility

Offers tailored insights for better inventory management across all stores and locations.

Seamless ERP and In-store Fulfillment Solution (WMS) Integrations

Integrating your ERP system with an In-store Fulfillment solution, which functions like a WMS, can pose implementation challenges. Discover our integration options to see how iWMS can rapidly enhance your operations.

Seamless ERP and In-store Fulfillment Solution (WMS) Integrations
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