What are Dynamic Waves?

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FEBRUARY 20, 2018


Dynamic waves have been hitting the headlines of late. But, what is this new phenomenon and why should you care?

Also known as ‘waveless processing’ or ‘waveless order fulfillment’, dynamic waves are an answer to the increasing strain on traditional operating models.

Indeed, traditional waving can no longer keep up with the pace of e-commerce, 24/7 orders and same-day processing.

In the past, wave processing was adopted in order to improve productivity across distribution channels.

It worked by organising orders by waves, typically a day before each ‘order grouping’ was fulfilled. This helped to improve visibility, ensure better replenishment planning and increase labour planning accuracies.

However, this is no longer the case for distribution centres swamped by inconsistent and demanding order cycles.

What are Dynamic Waves?

Utilising waveless processing, warehouses receive orders for picking at real-time. However, orders are programmed to be continuously reprioritised in order to meet demanding fulfillment schedules.

This is achieved as a result of flexibility surrounding delivery windows, carrier cut-off times, resource availability, and inventory levels.

Dynamic waves result in pick-paths that change dynamically, and in real-time; meaning that priority orders are always dealt with first.

Orders continue to be sent to the warehouse throughout the day, but operations no longer need to organise orders by pre-determined waves.

Advantages of Dynamic Waves:

Better throughput: Orders move through the warehouse faster

Improved resource and labour management: The system is constantly scheduling work based off of predefined protocols. This means that staff are always being utilised for maximum efficiency

Decrease costs-per-order: Orders are fulfilled utlising the same resources.

Increased productivity: Picker tasks are assigned at real time, as operators move between pick-paths. This means that pickers can complete additional picks without the need for return trips.

Happier customers: Customers get their orders faster.

A key differentiator: Operating at a speed and accuracy that your competitor’s cannot match. Decreasing order cycle times to be the fastest in the market.

None of this is possible without infrastructure that is capable of implementing wave order processing.

HighJump is the only supply chain software company to offer a WMS platform that includes dynamic wave technology.

Fox Racing used dynamic waves to increase their picking accuracy and notably improve productivity.

Find out how dynamic waves could transform your business