Sales Internship

About the Role:
We are looking for highly energised people with a passion for sales and marketing who would like to learn how to market and sell software in South Africa. You need to be self-motivated, well-spoken and willing to learn.


Johannesburg iWMS Office.


Minimum Requirement:
Completed Sales and Marketing Degree/Diploma.


Please send your CV to


About iWMS
IWMS’s focuses on meeting customer requirements by understanding each client’s business needs, choosing appropriate solutions and either matching products or developing systems to those needs.

iWMS efficiently implements and supports software solutions in the Southern African region, the Americas and Americas. Importance is placed on a client’s return on investment in every project undertaken which is achieved through quality work, open communication, customer focus and punctual delivery.

In addition, iWMS has extensive experience in consulting, implementing, selling, developing, testing and supporting supply chain solutions with products from HighJump, SmartFreight and MP Objects who offer best of breed supply chain solutions.

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