Delivering Excellence in both Complex and Dynamic Environments

Your warehouse management system should allow you to:

Roll-out new operations rapidly

Improve work flow

Fully integrate with other systems

We want you to achieve operational excellence from your supply chain system.

Your supply chain is the lifeblood of your business

We will help you manage your supply chain by:
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Getting it done right
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Getting it done fast
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Building for future agility
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Being guided by experts at every step
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Helping you tie it all together so it works well
We can help you get the edge you need to succeed!

What do you need from your Körber supply chain system?

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You need expert advice from specialist supply chain consultants.
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Improve Performance
Find ways to squeeze more efficiency from an existing system, to make it work better.
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Rapid Deployment
Fast implementation of new and additional systems, or customization of existing systems.
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Test Systems
Get accurate readiness assessments before you go live.

Is your supply chain performing for the future?

Supply chains are continuously evolving due to increasing demand.

You need to optimise your system to keep up with rapid change.
Ask us how we can help you to improve the health of your system.


Understand the Health of your system.
Clients ask us to help solve complex problems like:
  • How to Integrate this system with another system?
  • System enhancements and improvements for a faster realisation of your ROI
  • Process reengineering including additional functionality and speed
  • Database management and more

Unlock your system’s full potential.

You’re used to supplying 10 000 units to each store. Now you also need to get 1 unit to 1 customer.

What do you do?

Find out how to adapt your supply chain.

(And ultimately delight your customer.)

Rapid Körber Supply Chain Deployments

We are Körber system implementation specialists for companies that need to quickly get new systems to market.

We are adept at helping companies:
  • Implement a new Körber system efficiently
  • Add a new facility to your system
  • Customize an existing system to fit your unique requirements
  • Optimise existing processes

Get the expertise and resources you require to deploy – fast. We will help you gain competitive edge with speed, competency and agility.

See an iWMS Success Story

Hims & Hers: Rapid Warehouse Management System (WMS) Deployment in Less than 100 Days Amid a Global Pandemic.

Performance Tuning

How much waste is in your system?
We help companies find ways to squeeze more efficiency from an existing system.

Complacent companies that do not constantly improve their supply chain systems will eventually fall behind their competitors and may not even realize why.

With the cost of fulfilment trending upwards, we don’t want you to fall behind because you didn’t know better.

Automated Testing

What If?
  • You decide to implement new warehouse processes?
  • You want to make changes to an existing process but don’t understand the ramifications?
  • Individuals making the changes are testing their own changes?
It’s vital to find out what you don’t yet know.


We can test and retest with live volume simulations to assess performance. So that you can resolve any weaknesses before you hear about them.

Find out sooner rather than later.

About Us

Since 2009, we have successfully installed Körber Supply Chain Solutions for many global corporations.

By their very nature, our supply chain and logistics customers are spread out across their state, country, continent and globe – and so are we.
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We work while you’re sleeping

Our people hubs span these strategic time zones:

  • GMT – 6
  • GMT + 0
  • GMT + 5
  • GMT + 10

We run projects around the clock using a “Follow the Sun” approach. At the end of the day in the USA, we handover the project to either South Africa, India or Australasia, depending on time zones, to ensure the project is completed on time for our customers.

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Fully certified?

Our teams are fully certified with:

Where are you based?

We travel when needed and operate a full suite of digital and remote services for instant solutions. When we’re in a different location or travelling, we can quickly assemble our digital offices and carry on with minimal disruption. Our ability to work remotely was proven successful during COVID-19, as we were able to complete various project phases: define, adapt, validate and deploy efficiently whilst being off-site.

What clients say about us:

“They were able to solve many technical challenges which arose during the project which did not deter them from delivering a quality solution on time. I look forward to working with iWMS in the future.”
Carsten Dickes- Director

Contact Us

iWMS America

Our US region is headed by Srinivasan Prasanna, a Körber Supply Chain expert.  Please contact Sri for assistance with your supply chain.

Tel United States: + 1 612 806 7521  |  Email: info@iwmsglobal.com  |  Address: PO Box 91, Prior Lake, MN 55372

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