Gain the Edge with Supply Chain Advantage

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JANUARY 30, 2018


Recent studies suggest that users prefer WMS that is easy to learn, efficient, flexible and satisfying.

In response, Körber Supply Chain has built a consumer-friendly platform for everyone in your organisation; from executives to warehouse workers.

Wouldn’t you want to know how your business is performing at any point? Can those in operations access orders, inventory, and shipment updates on the go?

Lastly, can you share and examine warehouse workload data – on the road?

If the answer is no; then you should consider Körber Supply Chain’s K.Motion Supply Chain Advantage (SCA) software suite.

Main Advantages of Supply Chain Advantage

  • Out-of-office users can remotely review order statuses, monitor inventory levels, and check workforce productivity
  • Sites such as DCs, yards, and administrative offices can share information via the web, eliminating constant emails and phone calls
  • Supply chain partners can use Körber One to book appointments, check inventory levels, and review live orders
  • Key customers have access to order statuses, advanced shipping information, billing data, and available product volumes

Körber One is a dynamic platform that can be accessed on any device, at any given time.

It provides a user-friendly experience with access to a software suite including enterprise warehouse, labour, yard, slotting, and billing management systems.

In addition, the Körber One solution offers a complete in-store fulfillment execution suite.

The HTML5 user experience also means that executives and operational managers have full access to supply chain functionality and visibility on any browser and platform.

This enables users to be able to improve inventory flow, control order fulfillment, eliminate late shipments, and avoid stock-outs – even when they’re not in the office.

Unlike many products that only offer reporting visibility, Körber One allows users to

plan and manage inventory, processes, and people directly from any device.

Lastly, online learning and event management tools help with onboarding and promote proactive business management.

The Körber One platform aligns with the complete Supply Chain Advantage suite. This enables the flexibility to be able to adapt to the unique requirements of every business.

The platform also allows users the ability to be able to make changes or add new screens quickly and without a fuss. None of which, requires any knowledge of programming languages.

In addition, the platform connects to information from other business systems and across various database formats.

Körber One is the latest platform for all of Körber Supply Chain products. It provides the same user dashboard across every Körber Supply Chain solution. It also has the ability to quickly switch between each programme.

This user-interface allows for faster and easier training. Every user has access to the tools they need to complete their roles to a high standard.

Lastly, the unified platform also simplifies the role of your IT department because they can concentrate on a single technological infrastructure.

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