Retail and eCommerce Order Fulfilment Solutions

The massive swing away from in-person shopping is forcing retail to adapt.

Retailers are struggling with the complexity of Warehouse to home delivery. Failing to offer Store to home delivery is also making many retailers obsolete.

If you’re not running the right systems, in-store collection of online purchases is also a big challenge.

That’s why we’re at the forefront of solutions to solve these challenges.

We are experts at solving Retail and eCommerce fulfilment challenges:

Click & Collect

Allow customers to shop online and pickup from store.

In-Store eCommerce Fulfilment Solution

Pick orders directly from your store and deliver straight to your customer’s door.

Warehouse eCommerce Fulfilment Solution

Pick from your warehouse and deliver straight to your customers door.

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We are experts at helping companies adapt to Mutli-channel order fulfilment.
supply chain management - Woolworth Logo
To meet an increase in eCommerce demand, it was essential for Woolworths to rapidly deploy a Click & Collect solution. Due to its adaptability and partnership with iWMS, we could configure our Körber Retail Advantage in-store fulfilment system to provide the ability to add new stores rapidly. This change has drastically improved our ability to increase our eCommerce volumes which in turn has helped us deliver to our Customer promise, not only for today but for the future.
Jason October - Head Of Online Operations & Fulfilment Optimization
3 trends sweeping through retail at the moment:

   Retail customers are wanting goods delivered faster.
   Retail shoppers are wanting instore collection for their online purchases
   Retail shoppers want goods delivered directly to their homes

How can we help you adapt?

eCommerce Fulfilment Solutions Videos

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How to Solve the Omni-channel Challenge

How to optimize in-store picking for e-commerce orders

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The answer to the unique challenges of eCommerce comes down to preparation: although you cannot definitively know what hurdles and opportunities you’ll face in the next few months or years, you can prepare your warehouse operations and processes to be flexible and scalable to whatever the market throws at you.

Our solution offers extensive, real-time visibility, and control functionality to the entire store operation while seamlessly integrating to store point of sale (POS), planograms, order management, and ERP systems.

This industry brief will help retailers build a business case and framework for investing in in-store fulfilment as a critical omnichannel initiative. In addition, it will outline considerations when selecting supporting systems, as well as discuss benefits and potential return on investment (ROI).